Solutions October 19, 2015
  • Guidance and Routing
    Air-Go RTLE (Real Time Location Engine) SDK will enable IOS and Android apps to develop indoor maps that will assist and guide visitors inside public and private indoor buildings (shopping malls, airports, museums, exhibition centers, factory plants, schools). It provides a variety of helpful features such as indoor localization, finding destination, calculating shortest path, guiding and showing paths, storing locations, giving feedback to building management, entering surveys for restaurants and coffee shops or finding nearest services.
  • Tracking
    Air-Go VISIO cloud tool will capture localizations sent from smartphones and tags to display single and aggregated tracks. You will be able to manage people, assets, tags and groups to enforce alerts based on geofencing policies. Geofences are areas created in a easy and graphical way to enable policy enforcement: who/when is allowed to get in/out from a zone.
  • Geo-Analytics
    Air-Go VISIO tool has several templates to report key geo-analytic business information such as: Dwell time, flow vectors and heatmap aggregated information. Dwell time will show you where people is spending time whilst heatmaps will inform about people density in a time period. Finally flow vectors will inform about the people and assets’s movement directions.
  • Hyperlocal Advertising
    The combination of hyperlocal targeting and programmatic ad exchanges has opened up a whole new world for advertisers. Hyperlocal simply involves creating a zone or geofence around an indoor GPS coordinate with Air-Go Visio, and targeting all users that pass through it. This zone can be as small as a few feet in radius. Most buying platforms have either a mapping integration built-in, or allow you to upload a list of GPS coordinates that you want to target.
  • Air-Go UWB
    UWB has several advantages for building wireless real-time location systems. The technology has low power consumption, high reliability, can penetrate obstacles and has data transmission options. Air-Go collaborates closely with UWB technology provider Decawave to create reliable systems using the newest algorithms and domain knowledge. We design and develop custom hard- and software for different and demanding applications, such as industrial manufacturing, sports and robotics.


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