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Air-Go Solution for Surgical Area Patient Tracking monitors inpatient status from admission to discharge. Each patient’s status is monitored and relatives are notified of any changes, either through an APP or a TV screen in the waiting room, leaving the medical staff and nurses free of this informative task. Operating room entry and exit time control is complemented by anesthesia and operation times, allowing integration and optimization of hospital processes related to patient cleaning and movement. An integrated control panel allows the analysis of the evolution of room occupancy and the different times measured.

Air-Go Solution for Surgical Area Patient transparently integrates into the surgical process of the hospital to achieve the following objectives:

  • Measure the length of stay
  • Locate patients in areas
  • Notify relatives of the state changes
  • Analyze time and occupancy of the areas
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  • Real-time patient tracking: at all times the system knows the area where the patient is located
  • Notify family members of patient status changes: relatives, through an APP, will receive real-time notifications.
  • Waiting Rooms will show a list of status changes associated with all patients. A secure code asserts patient confidentiality.
  • The system automatically records patients’ entry and exit times in each room in the surgical area.
  • Air-Go includes a tablet in operating rooms and recovery areas to include into the system those times that are not automatically recorded: anesthesia and incision start and end time.
  • The system has a Dashboard that displays the main KPIs: interval selection, time of occupancy per area, and duration of interventions
  • The infrastructure will be constantly monitored to ensure system availability: sensors, tags, CPU, disk, memory, messaging systems
  • The patient tracking system in the surgical area reports in real time, automatically and completely disregarded:


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