Casa Batlló

The boundless imagination of Antoni Gaudí created a language that permeates every corner of this house. In order to grasp the genius without limits and to decipher the language of the architect, Casa Batllo wanted to bet heavily on new technologies and incorporated unpublished content combining augmented reality and virtual elements provide a much more dynamic concept of cultural visit, captivating and surprising.

In this way visitors can learn simple and intuitive way how Batlló family lived in Barcelona at the time, then explore this furniture on the main floor and be amazed at the animations of organic and natural forms that allude to the genius functional and aesthetic of the building.

Air-Go’s Indoor Positioning smart solution allows visitors to navigate through the different buildings’s floors and enables CasaBatlló to get visitors’s insights with Air-Go Visio‘s geo-analytics reporting tool: heatmap and dwelltime.


c/ Universitat Autònoma 23
Cerdanyola del Vallès 08290

Tel. +34 93 594 47 00