Illa Diagonal

35.000 square meters of commercial area with more than 170 shops and restaurants, L’illa Diagonal complex includes also two four star hotels, two schools, a sports centre, dance hall, conference centre, office area, a public park and a car parking with capacity for more than 2,400 vehicles.

Committed to Customer Experience while providing technological innovation for its visitors, L’illa is a shopping centre of today’s connected world with more than 90% of the population using a smartphone in their day to day activities.

L’illa project objectives were to provide its visitors a high quality WiFi connection with customers using their smartphone so they could browse the shopping centre and locate their shops of choice while the system guides them to the store. In addition, this system would allow L’illa to send its visitors personalized offers. App registered customer will receive available offers with geofencing technology when passing next to referenced stores.

Air-Fi Location Based Services provided all those functionalities while giving a high WiFi experience to L’illa visitors.

Air-Fi builds Location Based Services based on our proven, flexible and accurate Indoor Positioning technology to enable tracking, guidance, analytics and hyperlocal communication strategies.


c/ Universitat Autònoma 23
Cerdanyola del Vallès 08290

Tel. +34 93 594 47 00