Finding your way around a hospital can be stressful. Increase patient satisfaction scores with Air-Go.

  • Indoor-outdoor navigation – Patients get seamless navigation both inside and between buildings, so they can find their way around any hospital complex with ease.
  • Step-by-step directions – Visitors search for a clinic or a patient’s room and get directions straight there. Indoor positioning results in less stress and fewer missed appointments.
  • Visitor insights – Online location analytics provide deep insight into patient behavior, including what they search for, where they go, and how long they stay.
  • Interactive directories – Visitors browse information about restaurants, gift stores, and other amenities make hospital visits more pleasant; staff directories relieve patient anxieties by putting names to faces.
  • Wheelchair accessibility – Opt-in accessible routing and indoor GPS makes it easier for visitors with mobility challenges to get where they want to go.
  • Content management – Our online tools make it easy to keep your app up to date when clinics move and office hours change. New content appears instantly when your app is launched.


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